Most important app since invention of Wi-Fi.

Connect to Wi-Fi in every place where people help each other.

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App Overview

Connect to thousands of Wi-Fi access points. Worldwide.

Wi-Fi around mekeep it simple

Closest access points to you is what matters. Wifič shows networks only in you neighbourhood (under 20 km).

Throw away SIM cardCall your mum from phone booth. ;)

Leave your comfort zone, throw away your SIM card. Instead use Wifič, Skype, Viber, Facebook or iMessages.

Can operate offlinewhen you need it most

App cache all its data, so you may get through list of Wi-Fi around you even without internet connection.

How does it work

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App for iOS and Android.

  • list of Wi-Fi around
  • also Wi-Fi on map
  • voting for passwords
  • rewards for active users
  • easy-to-use
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